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Technology Integration
Integrate A2A and B2B transactions 
Today’s business climate requires communication with customers and trading partners in a diverse software and hardware environment. At the same time, Industry requires standardization of transactions found in EDI-style solutions, but with the economies and openness of the Internet. Our offerings eliminate costly proprietary communications typically required by this type of connectivity, while providing a solution for conducting business with both your customers and suppliers. Our products also allow the transformation of manual processes into automated A2A and B2B transactions - significantly reducing processing costs.


Code-free Business Process Integration

Composer is a design and execution platform for integrating business activities involving transport and transformation of data and custom business processing. It satisfies the four key requirements of a business process integration solution:
  • Transport — moving data between source and target.
  • Transformation — mapping data between many different formats.
  • Process Orchestration — sequential and conditional execution of process flow.
  • Administration — auditing, error-handling, logging, security and system operations.

Intended to be used by business analysts to design and implement solutions to integration problems. It is not necessary to write program code to use Composer for solutions that use our standard transport and transformation Activities.

The implementation of the transport and transformation tasks and orchestrating them in business processes is all accomplished using highly visual graphical interfaces.


Open business connectivity

Integrator enables integration of Application-to-Application (A2A) and Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions through XML and Java services. Integrator allows bi-directional XML — and other data formats — to be exchanged between you and your trading partners, regardless of platform.
What can Integrator do?
  • Automate orders between a manufacturer and distributor by dynamically linking ERP systems.
  • Exchange information between ATMs and server-based banking systems.
  • Integrate a Java-based credit card application with an order entry system.
  • Send and receive XML transactions between suppliers and distributors.
  • Exchange data between a stand-alone Wireless device and the server.
  • Publish or utilize 3rd-party Web services via SOAP.
  • Provide SOAP interfaces to your existing business functions.
  • Integrate heterogeneous CRM and back-office systems via XML over MQ Series.
  • Provide secure (digital certificates and password protected) PDF documents via email for contract agreements.
  • SMS updates on the status of order or delivery transactions in real-time.
  • And many more practical applications...